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pre-moving again update - 101 in 1001: Jan 2008 to Sep 2010

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Mission 101
Day Zero

March 10th, 2009

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12:57 am - pre-moving again update
Lost in year one: 23
Lost in year two: 1

completed this month:(1):
get a job in CA

redundant and to be replaced (6):
get info from revenue to register IE
start softly scented
get packaging sorted
let labelling sorted
get website
sell excess gear on ebay

Replacement item 1:
do herbalism course

reach weight goal 2 – 90 kg
open all mail within 24 hours of receipt
keep track of doing daily: study, flylady, gym, writing, vits, meds
make the bed every day for three months (9/93)
learn how to read music for both ocarina's
sort out snake transport to canada
sort out me transport to canada
sort out my goods to canada

1 evening a month pampering myself
reach weight goal 3 – 80 kg
reach weight goal 4 – 70 kg
reach weight goal 5 - 62 kg
maintain target weight (+/- 5 pound) for 6 months
Try one new recipe a month
Clean 30 mins 3x a week
Read 3 pagan books
get new prescription/specs (0/1)
get a professional massage 3x
daily reiki treatment for 60 days (0/60)
go to bed before midnight for a month straight (0/31)
update my filofax with addresses of everyone
henna my hair
get another tattoo
write hawks and doves
write hissling tales
go walk on a beach (3/5)- Galway beach, wainuiomata X2
make will
make a living will
get all my photo's into albums
lay out clothes every day (0/93)
do admin at least once a month
get data off my old hd
learn contact juggling
see We Will Rock You again
make myself a corset
crochet mittens
make a batwing handbag
read a book on diy
see a meteor
see aurora borealis
learn to sing
pay something forward for someone
send someone an anony gift
volunteer with st john ambulance/first aid for six months (0/26)
phone/skype mum on her birthday(0/2)
phone/skype dad on his birthday (0/2)
phone/skype steven on his birthday (0/2)
phone grandma on her birthday – 16 oct (0/2)
Get/grow a soapberry plant
get a proper digital camera
order off ebay/amazon 2 x
private goal
private goal 1x a month (2/24)
Make new 101 list.

Save 10% of wages while employed

pass mcse module 1
pass mcse module 2
pass mcse module 3
pass mcse module 4
pass mcse module 5
pass mcse module 6
pass mcse module 7

start softly scented CA
change website to canada
change labelling CA
source packaging CA
find cosmetics regs CA
get flyer sorted

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