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so i never actually posted my original list here... - 101 in 1001: Jan 2008 to Sep 2010

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April 14th, 2010

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01:52 pm - so i never actually posted my original list here...
I joined this group at the beginning, made a list - and then never posted it here. It's changed a little since I originally wrote it, because there were things on it that I didn't want to do anymore and new things I wanted to do before my deadline. The list has encompassed a great period of change in my life - graduating from high school and starting university - and it's helped me a lot to grow as a person. I've crossed off a fair number of things on this list. I'm looking forward to the next one, as that will encompass me graduating from university and starting out into The Real World (whaaat.) But for now...

  1. get my G2 & G [june 30, 2008]
  2. learn to ballroom dance
  3. fall in love
  4. sky dive/bungee jump
  5. scuba dive/snorkel [snorkelling - cuba, august 2008]
  6. vote in a municipal, provincial or federal election (if they fall within that period) [toronto center by-election - february 4, 2010]
  7. knit something
  8. read a significant chunk of religious texts of another religion
  9. start a journal (one of quotes, pictures, thoughts and random stuff i like, and one a journally journal ) [summer 2009]
  10. write and produce/direct a short film
  11. take max five minutes showers for two weeks
  12. play spin the bottle
  13. dance in a public venue to no music
  14. write/receive a love letter
  15. road trip!
  16. go to at least 5 tapings of "The Hour" (1/5)
  17. get really really drunk and do something i wouldn't do sober [september 26, 2008 + october 24, 2008]
  18. do something that scares the shit out of me [january 2009]
  19. leave a book for someone to find in a public place
  20. sleep under the stars literally
  21. leave messages/art for strangers to find in a public place [october 24th, 2008]
  22. get my black belt in karate
  23. flirt with a stranger [august 2008]
  24. bake a souffle
  25. go skiing [february 28, 2010]
  26. dye my hair a different colour [oct 31, 2008]
  27. mail something in to PostSecret
  28. go skinny dipping
  29. learn to play a song on the piano
  30. buy lingerie
  31. crowdsurf
  32. go to a religious service another than Catholic
  33. visit somewhere on a different continent
  34. meet an online friend in real life [january 9, 2009]
  35. eat breakfast every day for a month
  36. try out for a game show / radio contest
  37. plant a tree
  38. get a flickr account and take decent pictures for it
  39. watch an entire season of a tv show that's canceled that I've never seen before
  40. get a diva cup [february 2008]
  41. participate in a flash mob [evan's campaign flash mob - march 2010]
  42. sing at a karaoke bar [october 23, 2009]
  43. do something illegal [august 2008]
  44. write 10+ notes to people that are encouraging/happy/bright & cheerful/uplifting/completely awesome (1/10)
  45. sit outside during an entire rainstorm (and hope i don't catch something)
  46. drink an entire cup of coffee [september 30, 2008]
  47. join a club/group that is activist/political in nature
  48. volunteer at a soup kitchen
  49. find a kindred spirit
  50. go to 3 concerts (1/3) [american idol - summer 09]
  51. up my iron level enough to donate blood
  52. go to a bar and drink legally [october 22, 2009]
  53. dance on a table [september 12, 2008]
  54. visit a graveyard and read a bunch of tombstones just for fun
  55. give up something for Lent and actually stick to it for reals [lent 2008]
  56. meditate
  57. track my spending/income for a month [april/may 2008]
  58. go for two months without fines from the library (this is probs gonna be the hardest one out of all of my tasks, no joke)
  59. go for two weeks without buying anything new
  60. write letters to people who matter and label them "in case of death"
  61. voluntarily go for a week without TV or the Internet [august 2008]
  62. send/mail 10+ hand-written letters (2/10)
  63. buy flowers for somebody [april 2010]
  64. dip my toes in all 5 Great Lakes (because who actually wants to swim in Lake Ontario?) (2/5)
  65. get my braces taken off [august 2008]
  66. buy a goat for someone in a poor country [christmas 2009]
  67. lend someone a microloan (kiva.org)
  68. read all the books on my bookshelf i haven't read already
  69. get a massage [january 2008]
  70. go for a long(ish) cycling trip with my dad
  71. get photobooth pictures done with Sarah [christmas break, 2008]
  72. spend a day baking & cooking with my mom
  73. try vegetarianism for a week [sept 29 - oct 5; it was a scarring week]
  74. use an organics/green bin regularly [summer 2009]
  75. do "A Day In My Life" (taking pictures of my day)
  76. get my pictures developed before I go away to university
  77. write a list of 101 things that make me happy (101/101)
  78. see at least 6 paintings from "1001 Paintings to See Before You Die" (0/6)
  79. be able to do 25 (real) pushups
  80. quit the library [august 2008]
  81. write 5 poems (3/5)
  82. send at least 5 thank-you cards (5/5)
  83. watch 3 sunrises & 3 sunsets (0/6)
  84. get lost wandering around somewhere new
  85. try 3 new fruits and 3 new vegetables (6/6) [artichoke, eggplant, mango, zucchini, squash, persimmon]
  86. write out a personal creed
  87. hug every one of my family and friends
  88. actually start up my online magazine FOR REAL
  89. paint my room
  90. spend a day in a place where I don't know the language [moron, cuba - august 2008]
  91. learn PHP & Flash
  92. travel to New York City
  93. climb a tree all the way to the top
  94. get my grandma to teach me how to cook something azn
  95. participate in some sort of activism (i.e. protesting)
  96. wear something really really skanky for a night [october 24, 2008]
  97. spend three days (in a row) outside
  98. audition for a play
  99. learn to sew [sort of - august 2008]
  100. donate $5 to a charity for each goal I don't accomplish
  101. make a new 101 list by Sept 28, 2010

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