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wwpostergirl's recent progress - 101 in 1001: Jan 2008 to Sep 2010

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Mission 101
Day Zero

April 1st, 2009

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08:20 am - wwpostergirl's recent progress
A small amount of progress has been made this quarter - not as much as I'd like, but I've been even busier than usual!

5. Go to the chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel in Boston and gorge myself silly. [Achieved 2/21/09]
60. Make and deliver a meal to Erin Roderick’s family. [Achieved 3/27/09 - unfortunately she passed away this week]

In progress
48. Have sex at least x times a month (where x is a number known only to me & DH) - [January, February and March goals achieved 15/31]
66. Make at least 10 hand-stamped cards. [Made another one at Liz's craft night 3/4/09 - total made 3/10]

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